Peace of the Small Bears

We’ve been surprised in town by the young bears roaming the streets and neighborhoods. Mama bears have new cubs, so they’re kicking out the teenagers to find their own territory.

There’s less territory for the bears over the years, and as we’ve moved farther out of town, we get a better glimpse of what has always been true, humans and bears are not good neighbors. They don’t know our bird feeders are not for them.

They’re delighted to find stashes of wonderful seeds  just for them if they can just figure out how to have access! (erm… knock them down!)

The joy of small town living means learning the rhythms of the world around us.  And occasionally the denizens of the forest wander in, and the game wardens have to be called to rescue them (and us from them) and guide them along.

When it happens, it’s a big deal and front page news and a great opportunity for our wardens to remind us that bears are more than cute and fuzzy.

While all this was happening, I was obliviously kicking my way up and down the town pool, less than a mile from the uproar. The afternoon thunderstorms had threatened in the distance, but nothing happened to interrupt our swimming. Summer during the month of the Thunder Moon: it happens — and isn’t it grand! The bear has a new home and Peace is re-established in the neighborhoods. Hope it’s Peaceful by you, too!


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