Peace of Sacred Things

We’ve all been listening to the stories coming out about teen-age rape. One of the things that strikes me is the aura of protectionism (well, unless you’re the young raped girl, then, not so much.). But it seems we concentrate our efforts on what needs to be protected rather than what is sacred. We’re still trying the girls for inappropriate clothing or behavior becoming no one. We’re still worried about poor boys and their ruined chances.

But here’s the thing. People’s personage is sacred. It should never be assaulted by another. I believe it’s a fundamentally different approach to teach our children (and goodness knows, ourselves) to honor what is sacred rather than simply to protect what is precious. If it’s precious, someone wants to get at it. If it’s sacred, you despoil yourselves by mishandling it. Girls are not fragile things needing protection. Or rather they need protection as do all children because adults do not revere their sacred being. They teach their children the same lessons. Remember the phrase pecking order? It refers not only to who eats out of the bowl first but also who’s fair game.

I want the teaching about rape to be about an understanding of another person’s Godhead if you will. Let’s teach kids the meaning of Namaste: The Divine in me greets the Divine in you… So, even at 17 when driven by a (nearly constantly) erect penis, the Divine must be greeted. Let’s teach nasty girls that the Divine must be respected in themselves, who might not be so quick to gossip, and in others who don’t deserve to be gossiped about. Divine doesn’t work for you? how about that which is the Essence of Life? Who we are is sacred. It’s time we took seriously our responsibility to talk about and teach that. Because we’re teaching our children horrible lessons and then recoiling in disgusted surprise. Stop protecting, start revering. And share your reverence with the world.

Our children need that. Our Sacred Earth needs that. Those who are marginalized need it. And your health will improve, so you need it. Namaste, my friend, the sacred in me greets the sacred in you. Peace be with you.


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