Peace of Recognition

Namaste is such a powerful word. As a greeting, it goes right to the heart of what we all most crave — to be seen, to be recognized as sacred and worthy. It is one of those words, which if you begin to use mindfully, will change your life and your perspective.

You cannot say “Namaste” and then talk trash about someone or a group of someone. In your saying “hello, I recognize you” there is the plea to be recognized. There is a celebration of one’s humanity and one’s divinity. it is an acknowledgement of the other’s worth and dignity. Namaste is a word of Peace. It demands being present. It demands self reflection. It demands being aware of and counting one’s blessings.

I’m wary of snatching up words from other languages and cultures and assuming the right to use them. But any words that make us stop and consider how we interact in the world are good words to have around. Namaste, my friends, may you make it a wonderful Peace-filled day.


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