Peace of Goodbye

Today is the Day of the Dead. It is certainly the day of my dead.

It’s the day of the change of conversation. It’s the day of goodbye. It’s the cusp of something different, something unknown, something desperately sad, something infinitely precious, something terribly final.

The fact is that we come to this point in our lives. No looking away from it. No pretending.

Things change. And people die. And their loved one’s lives go on. And we all have to find ways to accept, transform, adjust.

And there is a Peace in goodbye. There is an ending to the limbo of shock and disbelief. And a path into whatever the new normal is. The post life, the folding in of the absence into the present… the ability to remember those memories that are currently walkabout, waiting for a place to settle down.

Oh, my sister, I miss you. I am missing you. I will be missing you. I have missed you. I will have been missing you for the rest of my life. And I am so grateful for the life we shared, both hard and fabulous. … I offer us both the Peace of Goodbye. Fly Free. “And I’ll keep living the life we were living as if I were two.” (Holly Near)


One thought on “Peace of Goodbye

  1. Lovely, Ann ~ your description of where you are on this day in your life. Reading this today put a gentle smile to my face because I realize that the shock of Deb ‘s death is slowly passing and you are moving on to the next phase of grief. I wish I lived closer so we could chat openly about that but since we don’t, I am sending a hug filled with lots of warmth and caring your way.

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