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June’s going to be a funny month, I have a lot going on. My sister and I are going to Alaska for almost 2 weeks on a cruise (with a short side-trip to Denali). So, I knew I would have to write ahead so that you guys get your dailies and I stay constant with my goal of daily writing (and what good is a year’s worth of musings with a two week hole in it?).

What to do, what to do? Well, awhile back I wrote a sermon on the need for a UU (that’s Unitarian Universalist) language of reverence. I don’t think it’s just a UU need, I think we’re all ‘way too connected with the ugly and not enough focused on the possible… That day I reeled of 30+ words that I thought should be in any Peace Dictionary or in the vocabulary of anyone who takes Peace-ibilities seriously (or even humorously!)

So why not use June to focus on those words I thought? It won’t be an exhaustive list, you may have others to suggest to me. But, they certainly might help us get through the Peacemaze still making Peace!

Here’s what Nancy Cleaver had to say about this month’s beautiful Peace mandala: Seeing the complexity of everyone participating in the constant renewing of the vow towards peace led to this piece. I thought it would be a paisley pattern to repeat on fabric, originally. However, the image had other plans for me, and the ancient Mayan shell pattern insisted on bordering the maze. All roads lead to peace, if we will follow the way.

I definitely will have the poems done. I hope to have at least some blogs done which will post automatically. If you’re used to finding this on FB, you may need to come on over to Sacred Village… and while you’re reading words, I’ll be storing up images of Alaska and a trip with my sweet sister to write about next month… but I’m not going anywhere until the 7th, so don’t run away!

but respect? It’s where we have to begin…


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