Peace Corners

This was a fun and funny picture. Many of us have painted ourselves into corners in our lives… The arrows here remind us there are ways out.

I want to remember as I look at it, that both ways can lead toward Peace (well, once the paint dries!). This corner wasn’t quite so dire, but it does remind me that I can be doggedly set on a direction that is not necessarily going anywhere. Sadly, not always and not often, but occasionally, I just have to run into that corner. Because I’m stuck on my path. I’m not sure it’s the Peace Path at that point… it’s really the Ann path, because I’m going there, against any good sense or checking the gps. Sigh. Determination is mostly a good thing, but not always.


Here’s the important thing about Peace Corners: you have to keep a sense of humor about them! Because you will get to this point eventually. Just remember to keep laughing and look for the reminder signs. Laughing at ourselves is a great first Peace step!

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