Peace, Both Simple and Complex, llvl

I find life fairly complicated. Or, perhaps, I make life fairly complicated. I sometimes wonder if I love Swedish Modern design because I’m Rococo enough on my own. I describe my thinking style as associative — which is perhaps only another name for the bright, shiny object style of thinking. Look a thought, I can tie it to this thought.

And yet some things in life are fairly straightforward. This hunger thing we’re working on. Straightforward. The causes for poverty and hunger are complex and confusing. But children who are hungry on the weekend? Straightforward solution. Feed them. Someone, and not me, needs to figure out the root causes and find ways to make change. In the meantime, I’ll gather money because children are hungry. I’ll ask you for money because children are hungry. See. Simple.

My faith journey looks like one of those cartoons of a kid walking everywhere to get from here to the corner. It has been both a struggle and a delight. But if I had to put a FB description on it, I’d have the heart and then: It’s complicated.

So it’s wonderful from time to time to encounter folks whose journey is simpler. They have a tradition that works for them, and mostly, they go about doing good. It’s what is required of us…

Faith can be all those things, complex and straightforward. Elemental even. Peace is all those things as well. What’s important is that we consider what’s important and reflect about how those things shape and transform us.


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