Peace and Welcome, llvl

I was busy having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day yesterday. (goodness I love Judith Viorst!) Mostly because I slipped. I know better. We all know better.

You see a conversation that looks rational but isn’t. And so you respond. What were you thinking? So then you get to be whiny about the conversation and really disgusted with yourself. Because you’re not going to make a difference. And particularly me, I’m not a rational builder of arguments. Too bad they weren’t teaching debate when i was in high school, i could have used the critical process encouragement!


There’s no parsing away people’s right to be themselves. You want to decry acts of violence, I’m with you. Let’s say no, and start saying yes to Peace. But really, it’s time to understand that the minute you start bleating about anyone’s right to be who they are, from whatever, culture, race, gender orientation, religion, you are immaterial to the discussion. That privilege is gone. Welcome to the cruise to nowhere, and it’s beyond me to care that you’re still pontificating.

Love. It’s what we have to work with. It’s what we have to work on. (and Justice, let’s not forget Justice. Divine Justice.)  I’m tired of cleaning up after all y’all as you take away time and energy from the important questions. Do the children have enough to eat? Do they have clothes and shoes? Do they play well with others? Certainly those are the most important things, arent they? Cause if you think society works and gay marriage is going to upset that, you don’t know anything about gay marriage and less about kids at risk.


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