Peace and Despair

I admit, i find it overwhelming right now. That youngsters, because they’re always youngsters, are so despairing of a future that they agree to become human explosives … not to transform the world, which would still be God-awful, but to kill people they’ve decided are enemies for existing.

On the face of it, it’s religion. At the base of it is poverty, no path forward, not enough, not enough, not enough. Here’s the truth. Not enough is enough to cause people to kill others. It’s at not enough that we must go to work.

I’m trying to balance the need for the Peace Journey when my heart is on empty. Right now all I can do is hold this up… but I will… and I do… We must look at the agony and be willing to bring it to an end. That’s the first step. There are a thousand, a million, a billion second steps as we each step toward peace in a different direction. Each and every one of them is a prayer for Hope and Peace.


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