Paradise, Peace & that Pesky Fly, llvl

It was so fun showing my friends my life here in the Susquehanna Valley. Or at least the happy parts of it! And really most parts are happy parts. The pesky fly in the ointment are the things that are invisible. Hungry Children. Unemployment. All the ‘isms.

But it’s the happy parts of it that give us strength and a reason to stay steady with the work. This is a particularly beautiful part of the body of Mother Earth. Nature… gotta love it!

Added to the glory of where I live, is the great joy of sharing this Valley Beauty with my community/communities…

Sweet times with old friends are balm. All over the world, people are working on the same issues, fighting the same battles, reasoning through the same problems — with perhaps different results, and making differences where they are. And we laugh because we all need to laugh. We compare notes, and then we go back to our lives and see how we can make things different.

But in the meantime. Here’s Paradise. Halfway to Heaven! Y’all come! (and you know I’m not crazy, because Deb Slade is documenting!)


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