Paradise & Peace, llvl

I should have written this before breakfast. You would have had a happy post then. Full of last night’s feast and friendship.

Instead, I’m filled with this morning’s hatred at my local breakfast eatery. I wrote about sitting at a table where people came from other places, other races, where the food was foreign and the drink was local and the conversation, simply delightful.

And now I’m drowning in the ugliness of simple hospitality shattered. Of a quick bite that was to talk of challenging things that talked instead about that and not about good news to share and prepare for.

My friend is not safe. Neither is yours. Do I think they would have physically hurt her? No. But does this do incredible damage? oh, yes. oh, yes. oh, yes. Casual racism, homophobia, sexism is incredibly damaging. If people will think that, we have to find the courage to tell them not to share.

Saturday, I have to go back to breakfast and say, no more… And then I have to find a place where my friend is welcome.

peace. we have to be doing it. and we had better be fueled by good times because we have work to do. Last night was really wonderful. This morning was really hard.


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