One Meatball for Peace

This picture (as so many) offers very contradictory feelings for me…

First, my girlfriend’s mama made her sauce and meatballs. Looking pretty delish! Sauce and meatballs are Italian for I love you, child of my heart… So there’s the perfection of this beauty.

And then, there’s the song that reminds us that those who go hungry are also mocked for it. What is that about? Who are we as a people?

And then there’s my joy in my friend Ann Rabson, a wonderful blues singer, who left too soon. Whenever she was going to leave your life, it was going to be too soon. Not only could she sing, she was a good friend. I miss her voice. I miss her laughter. I miss her heart and talent.

So, cook for someone you love, donate to programs that make sure people are fed, and buy yourself an Ann Rabson cd and rejoice. You can donate to her fund to encourage Blues at the same page. You can listen to One Meatball sung by my friend right here.

So take some Peace, give some Peace and grab some Peace (or give it to a friend!)


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