On the Road to Peace

Today, my Beloved and I embark on vacation. It’s been so long. It’ll be so sweet. Off to visit cousins at a cabin along the coast in Maine. Sweet Cousins. Sweet Bay. Sweet Silence. Sweethearts. Lovely.

My posts, without a lot of chatter will show up on this site every morning at 8 am. So if you’re not signed up for the dailies, you can see them there. In a less than brilliant move, i posted all the dailies together… but there you go. vacation mind.

I’ll miss you. but I’ll be in heaven. And I won’t be emailing or fb or reading posts on these until i finish. Apparently heaven has no wifi. good oh.

Hope you’ve got great plans for your summer… Sweet Peace as the Thunder Moon wanes. (true to its name it will rumble all the way along the drive!)



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