New Family Peace

Some huge percentage of families are blended families. Sadly, those with small kids often don’t do the work to get everyone relaxed and on board with the new mix.

I was lucky. I came into a family when my husband’s daughters were already grown and launched and incredibly generous in making space for a whatever I am to them. Friends at least. Definitely Family. Goodness I adore them. And they seemed pretty ready to be folded into my messy extended family. And they’ve supported and loved me as my birth family has gone through illness and death.

And then there were kids. Bonus. I’d never dreamed of being a grandmother. I have lots of kids I love… but not having kids, you don’t really think about the next generation. But kids are kids. They’re not parsing out who’s who and what’s what. Grandmother. Grannianni. That’s you. Take me to the movie! oh, ok. Play in the pool. oh, I can do those things. I’m not great or a natural. But they’re great and naturals at being kids.

And so, we make Peace, however infrequent or halting. Life is fragile, so it’s good to gather together, whoever can make it, at whatever table’s available. There are all kinds of Peace out there to be giving a chance. Let’s Peace.


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