Movie Theaters of Peace

I am not the world’s biggest movie buff. I do love our little meticulously restored Art Deco theater in town, however. There used to be thousands of these, and now simply a few remain. But ours is gorgeous. And the beauty is a big seller for the woman who goes to movies sometimes begrudgingly. In addition, they have butter, real butter, for their popcorn. Large buttered, parfait style, please… (they layer it!). If that doesn’t help me wander a long way down the Peace road, what would?

I try to be judicious about movies if I’m going to go. A long time ago I decided no violence. I keep trying to find movies that lead me toward possibilities and hope. Or giggles. I’m big on giggles.

Every day and every day as i see more ugly parsimony taking over my country, I try to push more hopeful encouragement out. We can get by with a little help from our friends.

Together, let us watch films that encourage us to keep building Hope and Peace in the world.


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