Moon Peace, llvl

Oh, I loved seeing the eclipse, loved getting up early to see the Moon slowly veil her face. Loved the wacky fact that it didn’t show up in pictures that she was doing that very thing.

Next year, you’re going to see a lot of the moon in my musings and on my blog. I keep trying to think about different ways for us to pay attention to where we are in time and space, how we use where we are to celebrate life and make it better. Next year, let’s see what the lunar rhythms have to teach us.

Part of the time I lived in CA, I lived high on a hill overlooking the Bay. We had a huge panorama vision of much of the Bay Area, looking out to the Pacific Ocean. We watched the sun travel up and down the coast through the seasons.

If I wanted to see the moon rise, I’d have to go out and stand in the driveway and look up the hill. And I did. oh, so often. This year, if I want to see the moon rise, I’m going to have to get out and look for her. And won’t that be a good thing. (She’s very generous though and often slides down my bedroom window to set.)

In the area I live, the Native people once organized their lives around the seasons of the moon. When you hunted and when you planted was a reflection of which moon was in what phase. It will be interesting to see how life and the work of Peace changes as we watch her waxing and waning. I started to type whether it will change, but how I look at life has changed every year as I stop and really look… Thanks for looking with me. (and there are two more eclipses coming! Apparently they come in fours. Who knew?) Peace and the Moon. More to come.


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