Milennial Villages

Whenever Jeffrey Sachs’ name crosses my sonar, I perk up. He does great work and is always looking at interesting issues. This article really speaks to what I envision for Sacred Village. I believe that Peace is built one Sacred Village at a time.

I hope we read articles such as this and think, not just how wonderful this is, but also how are these tools useful to me and my band of change-makers? Don’t live in a developing nation? There’s still plenty of need where you do live.

I feel more and more convinced that The Councils of Elders Experience is the right way to go… What’s interesting about this project is that it looks at agriculture, health, education, infrastructure, and business development at the same time. People have joined together and are moving themselves forward. Who is your bright and shining Council? What different areas of the same problem are you looking at?

What’s also interesting to me is that they have banded together there with experts from other places and are making progress. Let’s hear a loud huzzah! for new technology that makes this easy. The Skype call from small village to college prof’s office: an idea whose time has come and changed worlds.

Find the article here, and tell me what you think.


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