Meet Spirited Woman: Nancy Mills!

1. Please introduce yourself:

Hi everyone. I am Nancy Mills, founder of – a global woman’s empowerment community. Recently, I created the Spirited Woman 2012 Directory: Resources for An Inspired Life! because a hawk flew on my balcony in Playa Vista, California and I was given a message. Okay, there is more to the story than that – but the hawk had a huge influence. I’ve always been known for creating inspirational projects and working with highly creative people. This project though has taken myself and thousands of women worldwide to a whole new level. Very exciting. Some say, I am a leading woman’s visionary, but I would say I am a dreamer, who never quits once she begins her dream. I am fueled by my passion. That is my air and my breath. And it’s free!

2. Do you have a tagline for your life?

Yes, I have a few. The first: I truly, deeply believe EVERY WOMAN IS A VISIONARY, changing the world one Spirited Woman step at a time. That is why I do the work that I do. And for my personal tagline: Live through your passion, no matter how many obstacles along the way. When I look back at those obstacles, they have been gifted opportunities of growth. So I say, GO FOR IT!

3. What are you doing to make the world safer, saner, healthier? And are you having fun while you’re doing it?

The mission of Spirited Woman is women inspiring women in a safe, supportive, fun, creative, SHARING space. I would like to think that I have achieved that mission through the community I have created. Am I having fun? Yes and no to be honest. I am having fun, but I must stop myself from worrying. Someone has to lead the ship – if you catch my drift – and in my case – since Spirited Woman has grown so much – I work a lot. And sometimes I am very stressed. But, I would say when others are around me when I’m relaxed both they and I are having fun. Because my basic personality is spirited.

4. Tell me one great (short) story that you’ve observed where someone (maybe you) stepped up and made a difference. What did that inspire you to do?

My natural inclination is to be a cheerleader for others. As I’ve mentioned in many interviews, I did not have an easy childhood. I never felt that I was on the receiving end of support. In fact, quite the opposite. So I feel I step up daily, because I love to let others know encouraging things. I will tell someone they are brilliant, because I believe they are. Someone else how talented they are. Another, what a wonderful friend they are. I give to others what I never got, and in a highly unusual way, the suffering I endured, serves to help others. So, yes I inspire others to believe in themselves. I am very happy about that.

5. What else do I need to know about either you or your thoughts or…

Transformation on a deep level – whether personal, emotional, or in business – is a journey of limitless bounties. Be unstoppable in your growth and appreciate all the friends and support you receive along the way. No one can go it alone. It does take a village – perhaps a sacred one at that.

6. Under which category can people find you in the directory?

Spirited what else?

7. You say you want to see more of Nancy? Well, here you are!

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