May Peace Be the Mirror of my Soul

There are so many things I love about water. I love it in all its guises. Everyone, from rain to oceans brings something magical to the world.

Still water offers many gifts. One sweet one is its ability to mirror.

Right now the world seems full to the brim with mayhem. Violence cropping up all over and hate right here at home.

I’ve been saying for days that I feel flat-footed in front of what’s swirling around. While you have to take the time to reorient, you don’t get (or I refuse to give myself permission) to wander around in that daze too long.

Peace is needed. I worry about the shadow side of the world, which is what seems to be emerging, but I realize that I need to mirror Peace. You say hate, I say Peace… Peace will wear down the hate. I just need to stay connected to Love…

The Love we share, in friendship… The Love that’s out there in the world.

I am the Mirror. I am the Peace. Let me practice that a while…


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