Making Peace with the Past

Today, I’m visiting my niece in New Orleans. She’s coming to pick me up and we’re driving off to visit in the Slave Museum. It’s going to be one of those days where you come face to face with exactly how horribly we can treat another human being and how extraordinarily people can respond.

It’s one of those visits i feel compelled to make. When I thought about making this trip, it was one of the first things i thought about. The video introducing it is so powerful, when i saw it months ago, I thought, I must see that.

I think from time to time we need not to look away from what is true. This is one of those things/one of those places.

And so I go, and try to make sense of humanity’s willingness to make the most egregious compromises about other people’s very existence…  to acknowledge our complicity in eviI go to remember the courageous people who endured. Peace be with us all.



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