Making Peace with Halloween Costumes

I guess I used to like dressing up for Halloween. I must have, right? I liked playing dress-up and make-believe. When I was a little girl, there were outfits my mom sewed to wear, and that was fun. Maybe it’s simply because it made her happy — but i suspect i got my make-believe gene from her.

But at some point, the novelty left me. I mean, if you treat it right, you get to play dress up every day. I confess, there are a lot of days I do. These days I pretty much avoid dressing up for Halloween like the plague. If I have to do something, I’ll wear my jammies and take a stuffy toy. Might as well be comfortable — at least physically.

And for me, this is a turning of the year that I like a lot. It’s about the ancestors and who I become with my dna. It’s an opportunity to look at myself in the mirror. Conceiving of and then stuffing myself into some clever outfit takes away from that.

And so I don’t. And don’t tell me Halloween is for the kids… Of course it is, but it’s also about the adults. Look at any fb feed. What are you going to be for Halloween. I guess I’ll be a back-up singer in comfortable shoes. I can make Peace with that!


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