Looking Back at Lunacy & Sabbath Peace

Riding in the back seat of the car with siblings is/was a rite of passage for many of us.

For many people, back in the day (whichever day that was), it was a Sabbath occupation. Once services were over, whatever tradition you were, you got in the car and went to grandma’s… or auntie’s… or…

It wasn’t so funny then, especially if you were smushed on the hump because you just happened to be the third (and therefore the shortest) child, but what’s funny is how universal the complaints.

I suggest you throw your offspring (no matter their age) in the back of the car immediately and go off for a drive. Everyone should have such childhood torment and delight… it makes for a lot of fun when you’re grown up..

It’s going to be bitterly cold, so please be careful. Peace be with you all… The Snow Moon is bringing those arctic winds and icy drifts. brrrrrrrrr.


2 thoughts on “Looking Back at Lunacy & Sabbath Peace

  1. Yes they do (have their own sweet peace)! I had no siblings, but on winter Sundays under the “lap robes,” my cousin and I would sometimes pinch each other or play hangman and tic tac toe, and both of us love those memories.

    P.S. From whence came the words “lap robes?” They were simply heavy blankets.

  2. I think they were probably shaped a bit differently… used for sleighs and wagons… I’ve heard it mostly for sleighs… and yep… checked, laid over the lap and knees for warmth while traveling! 🙂 whoo… let’s travel!

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