Looking at Life from the Top of the Hill

I realized yesterday after I sent out my Musing for the Day, that I had been writing consistently for a half a year. I find it amazing… and I am having so much fun. I love when you write to let me know you’re enjoying them, or what you’re thinking about. Often your responses inspire new reflections.

But having reached a summit of some sort, I am looking around a bit. I realize that I want to make some adjustments to the process. I’m hearing from some of you that although you LOVE (and how could you NOT?) the pic of me in my acolyte cell in the mountain, the format makes it difficult to see on smart phones and smaller format screens. Mr. Web Guru and I are consulting.

I’m also posting about the musing on the Sacred Village facebook site, inviting you to comment on your responses to the posting or your reflections, so if you haven’t liked SV, please do — and please chime in!

and starting to day, I’m going to work at reflecting a bit more deeply about the musing on this site. So, if you want more, come visit, or subscribe to my rss.

Thanks for reading!

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