Local Theater Peace

We have a great theater professional group here in the Valley. We also have wonderful amateur theater.

Yesterday, I hustled to fit a production of “Dinner with Friends” into my busy Sunday schedule.

I’d heard great things, I don’t know if I’d have made the effort if it weren’t a member of my congo who was one of the four people.

It was excellent. It’s a strong, pointed and provocative play that made me laugh — when it didn’t make me cry. And the actors were wonderful — all the more so because they are friends, people i know doing things that interest them.

What a wonderful investment of time for me — and i hope for them. I hope they aren’t sitting around, lower lips poked out because it’s over… because it was that good, you hate to let go of the headiness of living in that alternate world.

But. the show closes. And they were excellent.

And the locals got a helluva show, and good friends got juicy roles. It was a great way to invest my Sabbath afternoon.

There’s Peace and Joy in that! Here’s to more. (and more about that soon!)FullMoonLunacyOct26b



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