Let’s Make Ripples for Peace

Mostly when I think about ripples, I think of something gentle, like these. It’s easy to consider soft ripples of Peace being made from small, positive actions.

This morning however, I admit that I’m worried about the tsunami of ripples that may occur in people’s lives, due to changes in our infrastructure.

To remove the things that made people safe and helped them thrive. To remove the things that made people discover. To remove the things that made America, America.

This morning I’m discouraged.

And yet I remember, in a matter of a couple weeks, a group of people who didn’t know each other, in a little Valley that has never before been so active, formed a coalition and have pulled together a forum on Healthcare with all the major players in the Valley. There’s a ripple for Peace to celebrate.

Let’s make some more. Here, there, and everywhere. So the people might live… and thrive.

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