Landscaping for Peace, llvl

Don’t you just hate it when you grab a metaphor and find out, oopsie, it doesn’t work. I thought I had it all lined up with the beautification, planting appropriately, zero-scaping metaphor… and then realized, not so fast.

Zero-scaping is great. Plant according to your regions environment. Use no more water than arrives.

But when you’re making space for everyone, neat little rows of one kind of flower aren’t what do it. You grow a village according to who lives there. That’s the messy wonderful piece of Peace. Peace has to make room for different cultures and traditions — even in little villages, because today’s villages are global ones. And the hodgepodge is every bit as beautiful as stands of tall tulips, particularly when community is involved. And you know me, fun food from different parts of the world is a big piece of my Peace Incentive!

And that’s another weird, wacky beautiful piece about Peace… there’s room for both homogeneity and diversity.

So, consider your landscaping… and make Peace available to everyone. And go smile at the tulips, they’re sure to go in the rain later today.


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