Knowing, Being Known, Peace & LLVL

Well, it certainly hadn’t occurred to me that poking my head out my door and getting to know the neighborhood made me part of the neighborhood to be known.


So, it is in my own best interest to have a good idea who I am even as I seek to know who you are and where I live. It’s an opportunity not just to deal with my gifts, flaws and foibles, but also to determine who I’m going to be. I believe that living your life deliberately helps you to become that person. Making a difference in the world makes a difference in who you are and how you think about things.

If I’m going to be Peace, I have to know it, really be on speaking terms with it. I have to embody it. I have to admit that it’s possible. I have to do that for me, because I want it to be true for you. You have to be careful when you start your writing; you don’t know what you’re stirring up. I guess if I’m going to live locally, I have to be part of the scene. I maybe even (oh, heaven forfend) get out now and again (despite the winter chill). To be comfortable being known, I’m going to want to know myself — and well. Because I’m just as happy knowing things about myself before you do. Time to use that mirror beside the door! Living la vida local. Living in the present!


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