Ironic Peace

There’s nothing like having written about presence and needing to send it out when you’re feeling muddled and as if you’re about four feet behind yourself. I guess I have to deal with the fact that I really don’t do well with wheat and sugar. I’ve not been eating them since the beginning of February. It’s not a big allergy or disease, but I’m clearer and lighter in so many ways when I eat protein, fruits and vegetables. But this was a weekend of parties and funerals, and it seemed more important to eat what was available and what everyone else was eating. Except I now feel as if i’m walking into walls. And this morning I could not get my eyes open. zzzzzzzzzzzzz. And of course we can’t underestimate the emotional costs of two family funerals. Showing up is a wonderful thing, but it is costly.

We forget that it’s harder to be present than to not be present. It’s just that the payoff is extraordinary. Living wide open is a practice and as with any sport or practice, some days you play too hard and you have to recoup. So here’s to being present even if it leaves you feeling a bit Muggle-esque! Gotta build those muscles up… and oh by the way, lay off the sugar and wheat!


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