How many houses did that child build?

Here’s a great story. When Rachel Wheeler was nine she went with her mom to a fundraiser for Haiti. Her mother didn’t think she’d understand much, but she stood on a chair before she left that meeting and declared she was going to raise money to build 12 houses in Haiti.

Three years later, this young woman has raised $250,000 and built 27 houses. Now she’s rebuilding a school — this time with walls. You can read more about her and participate in her quest at

I can’t imagine how proud her parents must be — and how good they must feel about their parenting. She saw a problem and she put her mind to it. Businesses all over the country helped her out. It helps to be a cute 9- or even 12-year-old girl.

But here’s the truth. People want to participate in something larger than they are. Give them a chance! Do something that’s good for the world and invite your friends to c’mon along. You have no idea what you can do. But if you start off with the old “what’s the use?” then nothing magical is going to happen. And who doesn’t want life to be magical. But magic is actually very hard work. But oooh, the results!

Go, Rachel Wheeler!

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