Housekeeping for Peace, llvl

Sometimes you have to clear up the clutter around you so that life runs as smoothly as possible. Even when you’re working on important work, someone has to manage the every day stuff. And it should probably be you.

It’s easier to get back to the “real work” when the work of your life is caught up. I’m off to a conference this week. Just a few days, but things needed to get done. And I’m one of those sloppy people who can’t bear to come home to a sloppy house. And you know, snow… In this weather, if you’re driving other people through the Poconos, best to have those snow tires on. And the car cleaned out. And yes, the holidays are coming…

Peace needs a steady platform. Whatever you do, you need one too. Even better you deserve one, so give yourself the gift of attention. Providing yourself what you need is sacred work as well.


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