Hop On, Peter, Hop On for Peace

My brother tells a story about his granddaughter arriving in his town when a tyke. A local guy, who rides around town on a standing bike, dresses for the holidays. So Tom and Grace were riding around and he looked up and saw Peter Rabbit trundling by.

Look Grace, there’s the Easter Bunny. Grace aged 3, was completely convinced. In fact, Grace, aged 6, reminded Pappy just the other day about it: Remember Pappy when we saw the Easter Bunny?

It’ll be interesting when she gets older and has to figure out what the heck a guy was doing dressed as a Bunny.

But if you want to know what he gets up to on his off hours? he rides around Canton, PA, keeping in shape.

Peace of the Morning to you, whatever this day means… and there are so many wonderful things.

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