Honoring the Dead; Demanding Peace

The dead are always with us. Those of us who knew and loved them long for them and mourn their passing. As long as we remember them they are somehow still with us… those real people, who laughed and snarked and tried and failed and loved us back. Life continues.

But there are those dead whom we must remember whom we never knew. There are those who died of poverty and neglect. To them, we can only say, we will try to do better.

There are those who died in wars. Some died valiantly, defending a cause they believed in. Some died valiantly because we asked it of them. All have served valiantly and we are not grateful enough — even when we are uncertain about war and its purpose.

Too many have died in wars. Too many veterans have had to leave their families for uncertain causes. Too many are gravely wounded in too many ways. Too few are well taken care of when they return.

And too many of us ignore the wars of the world and the victims who are not military.

Veterans day is over for the year… Remembrance must continue… and with that a heartfelt movement to bring Peace about in the world. It’s on us. We owe the dead that. We owe the living the same. Peace. The work of the world.



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