Honoring Snow Moon Peace

“My Sacred Honor.”

I think that I take myself, my calling and my goals seriously and then I hear this phrase.

Do I consider myself to have Sacred Honor? And even if I can wring a quiet equivocating yes from myself, do I carry that as a central tenet of my work and being?

Or do I dismiss that as fanatical? Is it? Must it be so?

Do I underestimate the importance of what I do and believe if I don’t see this as Sacred Duty and that my Honor is dependent upon my steadfastness to the task? If I don’t do this work, am I daily spending those important moments in self-reflection?

How does it change how I work and speak about my Work if I accept that my remaining true not only to myself but to my Work and my Belief in that work — and in myself?

I think I’m going to have to poke at this a while… In the meantime, Peace be with us. And may we be Peace. We’re winding down, just a few days left in the Sugar Moon, soon the Pink moon will start spreading its carpet of blossoms across our lives. It’s important to be patient for the last few days of the boiling down to nectar of this Moon. Peace is sometimes called upon to be a Patient and exacting Peace.


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