Homes of Comfort and Peace

I’ve been thinking a lot about what the home of a spiritual community looks like since mine is about to (finally, at long last!) buy their building.

It’s never seemed important until now, but not only are we growing, but it feels as if we’ll need a place that can serve as refuge in the time ahead. Refuge to us; refuge to others. We don’t have a kitchen, our bathrooms aren’t as accessible as they should be. Spiritual Homes should offer all the amenities.

And in these tumultuous times, I’m aware (you’d think I’d think about this more, given I’m the preacher lady) how essential the role of the religious community is, to the community itself, to the wider community, and to the individual.

So, a building, with a good path… free of ice and snow in the winter… seems like a lovely luxury on the Peace journey… because there we can find comfort and Peace ourselves and offer it to our neighbors…

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