Home, Peace, Sabbath

I heard Richard Blanco, the inaugural poet, read last Thursday. It was so uplifting and grounding at the same time. He was asking questions about home and where it is and where it isn’t. His words were so poignant as he examined the way we think that life should be one way and forget to enjoy the way life really is.

So today, on this Sabbath I invite you to be at home. Spend a bit of time exploring your roots and feeling their grasp on the ground beneath you. Let them sink deeper. Appreciate your foundation.

And let your branches spread wide, touching, shading, exploring.

And let the Winds run their fingers through your leaves.

This is home… make it a little bit better. and then enjoy it.

Rest easy where you are. Enjoy the Peace of Home. Enjoy the Peace of a Sabbath at rest.


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