Holding Stories, Holding Peace

It’s a horror to understand that our local woods were completely destroyed by logging. Pennsylvania has so many trees, it’s hard to comprehend that these are second and third growth trees.

Ancient witnesses to life were clear cut and used for progress… Who knows how the climate changed then.

But at least this one tree was felled, hewn into planks and set to span a creek so that folks could get from one side to the other. The slabs of wood are about 4 inches thick and have served for almost 200 years. The bridge was covered to keep the weather from rotting the wood. So it’s never been replaced. I’m sure someone knows how old these trees are. All I know is that they’re ancient and beautiful.

They welcomed the stories of friends with 50 years of history this summer, just as they welcomed the stories of those who built the bridge, just as they welcomed the stories of those who sat beneath them when they were much younger trees.

This is an ancient, Life-supporting Valley that grew these ancient trees.

Let us give thanks. And let us make Peace with the woods and the wood that has born witness…

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