Hold that Door for Peace!

I love the open invitation of this picture. Watching a news clip the other day, I was awed watching the open invitation the Canadian police offered Somali residents as they fled the US.

I was stunned and saddened by that. I have, I guess, a Pollyanna outlook towards my country. Even though I know of many people whose lives were not as privileged as mine, I know that in my brain, not in my heart… which stupidly persists in saying “All are welcome.”

Well, it’s never been true. all are not equally welcome. But to see people fleeing for what they believe — and may be— is their lives… that is sobering. Because the Somali refugees have already fled. They have already been not safe. They recognize this.

I believe, as a person of faith and as an American, in radical hospitality. It is the bedrock of my faith…

So the question becomes what will I do to keep the door open in invitation. How will I let people know? How will I be working to create the US I believe in? How will I be calling for, working for, Peace? How will you? What can we do alone. What can we do together. Peace needs us.

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