Hazy Peace, llvl

Wow… woke up in my bed, in my home, in my hometown. Well, my body did. My brain is still in transit… Jet lag… the wonderful gift that gives reality a chance to settle in.

I am so grateful for the journey that leads away from and eventually back to home. Grateful for the perspective on the life you have and a life you had part in…

This morning my foggy brain can’t quite focus, but can’t get over the joy of seeing/touching my life here… even while my heart aches for the missing of those friendships. I’ve stood at that airport too many time gasping at the shock of saying goodbye.

But nothing like 7 hours of limbo in an airport to focus your longing for home!

I’ll make sense tomorrow… Today, I am just grateful for the richness of my life and a little bit sad for the missing of people I love… This intercontinental travel thing… it’s clear we haven’t perfected the beaming ourselves to wherever we want to go… our hearts take longer to re-assimilate than our bodies do… never mind our minds!

Living la vida local, the privilege and the longing. Loving the Peace of there and using that Love and that Peace to fuel the Peace of here… as the time lag allows!



One thought on “Hazy Peace, llvl

  1. WELCOME HOME, sweet friend. There is no place like home and yet I appreciate that you left a piece of your heart behind as always. Love and hugs to you!

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