Guest Speaker Peace, LLVL

When you’re living where you are, it’s important to embrace those who come to visit bring wisdom and a different point of view.

It’s easy to love everything here and it’s important. We have fetishized the other side of the fence and its great superiority. There’s much that’s here that’s wonderful. But there’s much that isn’t and outsiders can sometimes shed not only a little light but give a couple clues about how to address the problems.

They can also remind us that there’s life outside our bubble and that problems outside need our attention, or that we’re contributing to the problems outside by our inattention.

The good thing is, pretty much wherever your vida local is, there’s a place for added insight. (and when all else fails, there are books, magazines, blogs and videos.) It’s sometimes hard to balance where you direct your attention, but this isn’t about getting it right, it’s about getting it.

Went to hear Tim Wise talk about White Privilege. I’ve been reading so much and in so many places, i guess it’s time to preach it. I’ve got a couple weeks, so it’ll have to stew.

Whether it’s wisdom or beauty, it’s not a bad idea to see what’s on offer and indulge! Peace comes from within and from without. Let’s open up and be present to the Possibilities.


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