Growing Sun for Peace

Solar is finally happening. Having lived in California all those years, you became, if not an early adopter, an early believer. It was easy living out there to believe that change would happen so much more quickly. Long before I left there were parking stations at one of the local BART stations, close to the station as a reward, for electric cars. And then they went away victims of both corporate America and not enough development capital. Why, yes, they were related!

And then back to Pennsylvania and the news is all natural gas. (Word is those companies have completely quit PA now). Solar, pfffft! Not going to happen. Don’t be ridiculous. We don’t live in a place where there is enough sun. Except we do. A friend tried to put solar on her property; it took the local peeps forever to approve.

But go on a trip, and you begin to see solar fields appearing. In this area, someone was far-sighted enough to envision such a field as a resource for a school district and community center. Huh.

Wouldn’t it be loverly? If slowly, slowly the world began to see ways forward that did not demand the destruction of the Earth? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the Peace on Earth we called for was also Peace with the Earth?

Grateful for this picture — and this prodding! Thanks!


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