Growing Peace in the Berry Moon

Oh, the gardens are busy right now. Lewisburg is one of those towns where people garden. More and more towns are those where people are growing food and flowers.

Everywhere you look things are poking their heads out of the soil, testing, tasting, how about now? Yep, now seems to be the time. The Berry Moon is trying to live up to her name as her brother the Sun coaxes things along.

But we live in the privileged lands… Even our lowered amounts of rain are enough to keep our gardens juicy. In May we can hope that the unseasonably warm 90˚ weather isn’t the harbinger of 100˚ weather in July and August.

Our job is not simply to celebrate the bounty; it’s also to push for its protection.

As I write this another oil spill has devastated the coast of California. 100,000 gallons lost, as if the loss of oil is the problem rather than the damage done to the coastline. And oh, have we noticed that all the people cleaning up the spill are people we say we don’t want here… the people willing to do the hard work of cleaning up? There are so many things wrong with this picture, it’s hard to know where to pull the first string.

But taste something fresh from the garden and remember why we’re called to work for our beloved planet. “Oh, Earth Mother, I’m standing on you…” May we live in peace.



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