Gleaning Peace

I’ve said it a million times, I’m a religious not a political animal. When a vote is taken by our lawmakers, whether it’s posturing or not, to deny poor people food, I’m aghast.

75 percent of SNAP households include a child, a disabled or an elderly person. And yet that’s still not the point. People are hungry. They must be fed. We are our brothers’ and our sisters’ and our neighbors’ keepers. We are.

I feel naive and stupid… I don’t understand how this thinking enters our worldview. And it is our worldview. I don’t want to hear people say, it’s “their” fault, because people’s being fed and housed is everyone’s responsibility. That’s not socialism, that’s my moral understanding of a just world. Or maybe it is socialism, because I believe our government should provide, I don’t care. I believe that no one should go hungry in a land of plenty. That’s not an equivocating statement, that’s the most forceful statement I can make.

Somehow, we have to turn the tide… in our area we have teachers buying food and slipping it into their students’ backpacks so they can eat over the weekend. Lovely sentiment, lousy precedent. what will we do? what will we do?

One friend wrote this: “We all need to bombard our Congressmen with demands that they restore a reasonable amount to allow a person to live on SNAP. $1.40 a day is not sustainable. That amount is 1/100 of the DAILY meal allowance each Congressman receives ($137.41). We as good people cannot allow this insanity to continue!!”

It certainly puts things in perspective, doesn’t it? But some response is needed…There is no Peace when the people are hungry. There is no Peace if we are not doing what is needed, if we are not doing good.



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