Gently, Firmly, Saying “Yes!” to Peace

There’s so much evil being done in the name of someone’s God. People are killing. People are hating and dehumanizing. And they’re saying that their religion doesn’t merely give them permission, it demands this of them. They’re believing that.

It’s horrifying. It’s heartbreaking.

And it’s perplexing. Where do people of good faith and philosophy enter into this? How do we do it in a way that is helpful?

How do we bring Love to the world? Each of us?

And how do we make that matter?

We’ve got to keep asking ourselves. We have to keep helping one another down the road to Peace. We must be active, because they are active. No time to wring our hands.

What do I do? What do you do? How do we Love? And how is Peace not a verb? How do we make that so? May the full flower Pink Moon shine love and Peace on this Earth.



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