Food, Diversity, Peace

I think Peace requires more talk about food.

I’ve known a few people in my life who don’t like food much, the eat to survive kind. I’ve known a few more who only eat what they’ve always eaten. But most people I know really like food and are willing to try something new.

Sara, the Religious Ed person at church, was talking to the little kids many of whom listed food like thai or sushi as their favorite foods. Kids will be adventurous if you are.

Part of Peace could be helping people understand that new people bring new and wonderful foods from their culture with them. Let’s be excited about what people eat! Let’s get to know what they eat. Let’s get to know them!

I laughed when i realized how international road side stops are. Filled with travelers from all over the country and world, offering foods from many places. Sure there are hamburgers, but there is often tacos, pizza, schwarma… Peace has good food!


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