Following a Leader to Peace

I’ve recently been part of the line up for dinner crowd… There I was where I’d never expected to be, in rehab, trying to get over a huge encounter with pneumonia.

But we all need to be finding our leaders for Peace… and following them… and being them.

I like to think that I am one; I work hard at it.

But it’s wonderful to know that when I am struggling to be even a capable follower in the lunch line, that someone is still leading. Peace is still being explored.

Six years ago the Jews, the Muslims, and the UUs met for a hummus cook-off. This year 42 women from 5 different traditions met to read the book of Ruth… (and yes, there was food!) I wasn’t present. I didn’t need to be, although I’m sorry to have missed it. Peace is growing.

It’s what we do; we practice leading and we practice following.

I’m so glad you’re part of my Peace Line… I’m glad when you follow. I’m glad when you lead. You need to lead now, ok? Because I’m barely able to follow. But someday, I’ll lead again. Until then. Peace.


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