Flower Moon Peace and Joy!

Ah, Spring. The Flower Moon — doing her job.

Out in the woods to revel in the beauty. These hardies don’t belong here, they were brought from the Mediterranean and Asia Minor and have been cultivated for a very long time.

The ones in this little valley were planted by a homestead, i’m sure. The homestead is gone. The flowers persevere.

And the Evanses. hardships notwithstanding, have persevered mightily.

So we’re lucky. We’ve found our Peace.

A friend reminded me of what’s going on in Europe where huge batches of people from entirely different cultures are arriving in their countries, escaping their own, but wanting to establish their own culture where they are, rather than moving to where they’ve moved.

That’s a different issue. I’ll get back to it. But today’s Peace and beauty is what i had for the moment. Tomorrow, I’ll be writing about family Peace.


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