Fleeting Impressions; Lasting Peace

Lorraine and I have walked a lot of shores together. I think this is the two of us at the Atlantic Ocean last Autumn. There are lots of shores I’ve walked on my own or with other sweet family and friends.

I lived at the beach for a summer. I ran every morning along the shore and walked several times a day. Heaven.

But the evidence of those walks was/is immediately erased. Footprints in the sand are so lovely and so temporary. So you have to do it again — knowing it will be erased again.

Which led me to remember that not all the impressions we make are so easily erased. We should think carefully about our impressions. Yes, my darlings, we must think carefully before we speak/act.

Because what we’re aiming for is lasting Peace. So think carefully, act appropriately, but keep taking those lovely (impermanent) walks along shores… Our job is to make and to receive Peace. Sand walking by the water gives me Peace.

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