Find a Book of Peace to Read

Books can give us Peace. They can stir us to pursue Peace.

It’s all quite wonderful.

My whole life books have been companion, refuge, friend and inspiration.

I have some books that I read over and over again because the characters in them are comfortable friends. I always laugh. I always cry. In the same places. I often discover something I’ve discovered before and forgotten just how much it soothes/pleases/stirs me. I read them at night to settle my brain. I read them during the day to move between one project and the next.

I have some books I’ll read only once, even though i may have underlined or dog eared it. Yes, I do that. it’s my book. It helps me remember what it’s teaching me.

There are other books I move out of my house because they are not “my” books.

There are so many ways I make Peace with books in my life.

And then there are those books that push me to think, to dream, to do something about a situation that needs attention. Ah, I cherish them as well.

What do they do for you those books on your shelves, or on your bedside table, or on a pile on the floor beside your favorite chair or in a corner?

Peace. Let’s open those pages and find it. Let’s close those books and make it!



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