Family Talk Peace, llvl

Someone remarked the other day how tiresome it was that no one seemed to worry about the simple courtesies. He thought it seemed that there were fewer pleases and thank yous.

I’ve noticed that people seem less aware of where they are in space in relation to the rest of the world. But maybe I’m just a grumpy old person.

Simple kindness, being present, being grateful feel like lovely things for us to teach — and lovely things for us to remember. Because it’s probably not just the kid.

And I can’t say the thoughtlessness we overheard last night was new. And we certainly weren’t winning any prizes for minding our own business. And I admit that the three of us are all fairly talented at eavesdropping — but (and actually we can’t remember the man’s opening salvo) it’s probably not a good idea to school another adult in public for their existence. It wasn’t like telling a child to sit down we’re eating, it was more like, “this is how you’ve made a complete mess of your life,” in front of eight family members at the table and a restaurant full of folk.

I’m betting that if we all refrained from leading with our beloved’s weaknesses, particularly in public, we might all have much happier holidays. Whatever we celebrate. Just a little thought about working for Peace on Earth, Joy to the World.


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