Ensemble Peace

Peace in the ensemble happens when people listen to each other.

When they don’t, we get to see musicians play their pieces, and they may be great pieces, but there’s nothing there for us…

When they do, they make space for the community to be a part of the music. That’s where the Peace happens.

There’s great benefit to listening to music however you do, but there are so many more possibilities when you listen to music live. There’s all this wonderful neurophysiological possibility… and it happens not just to you, but to the whole crowd that’s listening! Amazingly, when they’re really making magic, they can make magic for those of us who aren’t particularly interested in that style of music.

So get out and listen to musicians who know how to play together. Find the Peace in the music. And find some people to do your work, whatever it is, in a listening ensemble. Make your own Peace.


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